Hybrid solutions: compact, flexible and energy-efficient

The future belongs to the hybrid drive: the Integrated Starter Generator works – in combination with an electric energy storage system – as a motor that supplies power to the drive train parallel to the combustion engine. This combination provides more power in total or allows the use of a smaller combustion engine. In braking manoeuvres the electric machine, which then works as a generator, recharges the energy storage system, keyword: energy recuperation. Using only the electric drive allows for silent movement of the vehicle.

The expertise of Magnet-Motor is available to our customers for the expansion of the ISG systems to electric hybrid solutions. These include high-performance drive motors and generators, the accompanying converters and the system and control technology. The exceptional compactness of the PM technology-based MM machines is particularly relevant with respect to in-hub wheel motors (Wheel Drive Units). Magnet-Motor’s references include many vehicles with such a configuration in the military field.

Permanent magnet motors and generators

Our motors: 28kW – 3.4 MW for land vehicles, ship drives, fans and pumps
Our generators: 30 kW – 1.7 MW for land vehicles, ship drives and power supply
High power density
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Power Electronic Units

Up to 300 kW
Phase current 450 A (peak)
CAN J1939 communication
Suitable for permanent magnet as well as induction motors and generators
Compact and lightweight
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