From prototype to series product…

The mission of Magnet-Motor is to strengthen customers in competition. With our systems, we create clear added value in their land and sea vehicles.

The road to success runs through close partnerships. In us, our customers find a counterpart who works with them on an equal footing, and we have detailed knowledge about their products and operating conditions.

In networks with cooperation partners and in the projects themselves, our technologies are under continuous development. This is how we manage to achieve systems that set trends, and how we create innovative assemblies that are suitable for a wide range of applications as standard and serial products.

…From one engineer’s vision to an international company

Magnet-Motor was founded in 1980 by German physicist Dr. Götz Heidelberg. Even then, the focus of the company’s activities was on developing new, innovative and high-performance electric machines for the propulsion of vehicles. This was done by repeatedly pushing cutting edge technologies that had just reached industrialised society – from powerful rare earth magnets and electronic power modules for new electric machines and system configurations of unprecedented compactness.

Magnet-Motor’s portfolio covers complete drive systems including motors and generators, along with the accompanying compact power electronics and control hardware and software.

In 2006, Magnet-Motor was acquired by L3 Technologies and incorporated into the Electronic Systems business segment. Within the group, Magnet-Motor assumed responsibility for the role of centre of excellence for permanent magnet technology – for both electric drive engineering and the electric power supply in military vehicles. Since 2009, these systems have been used successfully in customer projects. Since 2016, they have been available as serial products.