Intelligent power generation – in vehicle format

Modern military vehicles require more and more electric power on board – whether to supply a growing number of computer systems and operate energy-intensive communication systems or to allow electrification of the cooling systems for the main engines and air-conditioning system. Particularly high levels of electric power are required for the operation of electric protection and weapon systems, for example ECM (electronic counter measures), high energy laser systems and HPM (high power microwave) systems.

We offer system solutions made up of electric machines, power and control electronics which harmonise with the interfaces in mobile platforms. A key role hereby plays our compact Integrated Starter Generator (ISG). Fulfilment of the relevant MIL standards, from electromagnetic compatibility and voltage quality to environmental conditions, goes without saying.

Integrated Starter Generator

Permanent magnet technology
Water cooled
30 kW – 160 kW
SAE 0 to SAE 3 flange compatible
Designed to MIL Standards
Slim design
Highly efficient
ITAR free

Integrated Power Supply

Combination of generator inverter, 28 VDC converter and power management control unit
ITAR free