Improved performance and new flexibility at sea.

In the area of naval vessel propulsion, issues such as noise emissions and energy efficiency play a crucial role. The challenging requirements here are met mainly by means of electric hybrid technology. Purely mechanical drives made up of Diesel engines or gas turbines with reduction gears are combined with an additional electric drive, which handles the lion’s share of missions. The electric machines are designed for the low power output range and are supplied from the existing on-board power supply or from a separate Diesel engine generator set. In low-power operation, only the electric drive operates and the main drive is stopped. This significantly improves overall energy efficiency, as the electric drive operates much more effectively than the main drive in the lower power range.

Magnet-Motor can point to many years of experience and sample applications in the ship and submarine sector. The MM machines are considerably smaller and lighter by factors than conventional technology. We have developed engineering methods to take account of the highly specific requirements in machine design in this area, particularly in terms of minimum noise emissions and electromagnetic compatibility. The high torque and high performance of MM motors and generators make MM technology the first choice, especially where installation spaces are small, as is the case in submarine applications.